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SME’s Trained On Benefits Of Crypto Currencies

SME’s Trained On Benefits Of Crypto Currencies

By Serestino Tusingwire By Winnie Mandela
SME’s have been told to adopt crypto currencies, the investment market that has exploded in the country, and its technology that will enable their business shoot
The five day training which ends on Friday will see them gain knowledge on BitFX, its unique evolution on human financial trends.
“We have set up training centers to equip the general public with skills to trade not only in Forex and commodities but Bitcoin and Altcoins. We shall have three sessions running per day. They will also learn more about crypto currencies, their current trend and future potential,” said Tadeo Seruwagi the CEO BitFX
According to him, Crypto currencies function more like foreign currencies than sell stocks or bonds, relying on speculation on their supply and demand to determine value more than anything else.
He adds “Bitcoin is arguably the most popular, successful, and probably only digital currency many have heard of – but it’s only one of thousands of different crypto currencies out there. Altcoins, digital currencies that aren’t Bitcoin, function similarly to Bitcoin at a fundamental level in that they run on block chain technology, but differ greatly at a practical level in terms of use.
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Source:: SME’s Trained On Benefits Of Crypto Currencies

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