Adedoja Allen

By Guardian Nigeria

When Mrs Adedoja Allen was appointed as the managing director of City 105.1 FM in February 2012, it was a first in many ways. First, the appointment made her the first Chief Executive of an electronic media platform in the cut-throat, competitive and saturated business environment that is independent Nigerian commercial radio. It was also a novelty to have an executive with a financial background and very little previous media experience to head a radio station in Nigeria.

Adedoja Allen was employed mainly to jumpstart a radio station that was struggling to make any money. The station had been operational since June 2010, but was fighting an identity crisis, which prevented it from being reckoned with as a major player in the field. The mandate was to rebrand, restructure and make it financially viable.

Presently, City 105.1 FM is one of the radio stations to reckon with in Lagos. It is the premiere urban radio station on the Lagos mainland and competes with the best of urban media in the state. Its present state and location are a far cry from the modest and financially unstable beginnings.

So what made Adedoja the right candidate for the job? This can be answered from her prior experience and career trajectory. Her sojourn into the corporate world in 2001 with the BBC, in the United Kingdom. Her work in the Accounts department would have seemed at that time, to be preparation for the years in finance that would follow; but it would be relevant almost 11 years later. After spending two years as an accounts officer, she moved to Telecom Express, where she was given her first taste of management responsibility, when she was made head of the Finance team, and was responsible for creating and overseeing the implementation of various controls and processes.

She returned to Nigeria in 2006, where she joined ARM investment managers as a portfolio manager. Her stint as Assistant Head, Client Portfolio Measurement & Reporting Unit saw the creation of new specialised units and decentralisation of the responsibilities and tasks. Adedoja Allen was a successful team leader. Her success at leading these groups saw her promoted to the position of Head, Client Portfolio Measurement & Reporting Unit.

After a brief hiatus to start and manage her young family, she returned to try her hand at consulting. The start-up had to be suspended, as her services were required to come to the aid …read more

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