Between Macron and Buhari: The faults in our leaders!

By Guardian Nigeria

Emmanuel Macron and Muhammadu Buhari PHOTO:Twitter/Channels Television

I have always been a close admirer of Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic and France youngest president (he became president at the age of 39).

A man that has become a bundle of hope for youths all over the world that are desirous of blazing the trail in their country’s political fiefdom. I was further thrilled to receive an invitation to attend an interactive session with this highly cerebral leader at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island on July 4, 2018.

As a youth columnist, I have for sometimes referred to his disruptive entry into the French politics and some of his daunting reforms. It will be of great interest to note that Macron was just six years old when President Muhammadu Buhari was the Head of States of Nigeria in 1983! Fast forwarding to 2018, this same Macron is now the President of one of Europe greatest powerhouse, and Buhari is still the President of Nigeria! Apart from the yawning age gap between the two leaders, I have come to notice that there is also an unredeemable gap in their perspectives and thought patterns! An hour of interaction at the Eko Hotel with this ‘immaculate’ leader almost brought me close to tears as I suddenly realize that it might take donkey years for Africa to get disruptive leaders like Macron except for divine shift or intervention.

A nation can never be more than the predominant mindset of her leader. A nation will always follow the trajectory of the leader’s thought pattern. I wonder how a French President can be thinking so much about strategic interventions in Nigeria and Africa while African leaders are wallowing in excuses and victim’s mentality. It is sympathetic hearing Macron talk too well about wealth creation in Africa whereas an African President is thinking of sharing looted funds among the poor! Macron believes Nigeria has what it takes to thrive but it is poignant to see our own leaders putting us on ‘survival mode’ by thinking that sharing looted fund to the poor is the new way to go. It is appalling to know that when our leaders are thinking of building ranches for cows, someone else is thinking of building an ecosystem for African entrepreneurs through the Digital Africa Initiative (DAI). I weep for the sordid inversion of values and priorities among the African leaders. …read more

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