Ekiti election: Test for our democracy

By Guardian Nigeria

The Ekiti State governorship election is around the corner and all eyes from far and wide are on the state because of its cruciality to determining the level of the people`s preparedness for the 2019 general elections. Its importance to the permutations of the ruling parties at the federal and state levels respectively cannot be overemphasized. Presently, Ekiti is the only state in the South West that is not under the control of the (APC) and it is the only state that the main opposition party is holding on to and hoping to build on in its quest to have a major breakthrough into the region. Consequently, you will agree with me that it is going to be an interesting contest in all ramifications. The situation is further embroidered with curious expectations as a result of the caliber and personalities of the candidates that are been thrown into the contest. The popularity, political acumen and the wherewithal at the disposal of these candidates and their party platforms have made it look very unpredictable.

However, the final determining factor as to how the contest will play out lies in the people (electorates). At this juncture, it would be paramount to state without fear of contradiction that, Ekiti people are well grounded in political activities (both practically and theoretically). They are people that know their onions; they know their rights from wrongs; they are versatile and are not pushovers when it comes to the political calculations of the South West in particular and Nigeria in general. The electorates have minds of their own and they cannot be likened to some others that rely on instructions from god-fathers and money-bags before taking political decisions. Even the uneducated and less privileged among them are `politically sound.’ The people are so special and important because of their political consciousness and uniqueness. All these qualities will be put to test on Saturday 14th instant at the polls.

In view of the aforementioned, I wish to use this medium to call on well-meaning Ekiti sons and daughters to do everything humanly possible to protect their political uniqueness. All the candidates vying for the position of governor (and their deputies) are bonafide indigenes of the state; you know them so well and do not need outsiders` to give you overview about their character and capacity to deliver on their promises; so, the ball is in your court to chose …read more

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