Nigeria's amputee football team prepares ahead of World Cup debut

By Tonye Bakare

Nigeria’s national amputee football team gather to pray before the start of a training session in a bare field at the national stadium in Surulere district in Lagos, Nigeria July 6, 2018. Picture taken July 6, 2018. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

Emmanuel Ibeawuchi, captain of Nigeria’s national football amputee team will lead the country’s Special Eagles at the Amputee Football World Cup in Mexico this October. Staying positive despite the poor performance of the country’s Super Eagles at the World Cup tournament in Russia, Emmanuel is confident that they will bring the cup home.

“Amputee football in Nigeria, we are the best in the world, so Super Eagles or no Super Eagles, in football, one leg or two legs, football is football so there is no difference between one leg and two legs when you come in terms of football because it is the same rules.”

“We have seen the vision and we want to play it to the highest level that is why we continue struggling, trying to survive, coming every day. Some of my players we came from far places and I also, so we come, we train. So today now we are planning for the World Cup, the biggest tournament in the world, and we are very grateful and we are glad and we are happy that Nigeria, we are going for the tournament, not only even going, I believe we are going there to bring the cup home.”

“You know right now, all my fans and my family, they are expecting the cup to Nigeria and I also promised them. You know it is not by my power but I believe that what I can play and what the team will unite to play, I believe the team will bring the trophy.”

“Most of them being that they see themselves as disabled, they believe they will depend on the society, but since they have the — you know we have put it in them that they should see themselves as equally good as an able person and they know they can do that, so since then all of them they have the confidence now that they can even do better than the able body.”

“Many people don’t know about the team, so I think for them to have supporters they have to grow in kind of publicity like, let people know that this is what is coming on and this is what we …read more

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