Why your houseplants are dying: Solutions

By Guardian Nigeria

As long as there’s still a hint of green that is not able to be broken off your struggling houseplant, you will likely be able to revive it”
Have you ever found one of your houseplants struggling to stay alive? It was likely neglected for one reason or another;. Maybe you were out of town and your house sitter missed your favoriite plant in your book nook, or maybe you just lost track of how often you’ve been watering your houseplant with how busy you are. No matter the reason, you can save your struggling houseplant by following these steps:

Give your dying plant a new home
Repotting your plant into a new home full of fresh soil or potting mix can bring it back to life. You’ll want to find a new container that has ample room for the roots to grow. Pick a pot that is considerably wider than the old one. A quick trim of the foliage may seen like a step backwards, for the plant, but it can be helpful if there is a lot damage to the roots. Rather this will give the plants a fighting chance because the root system will not have to support a large amount of foliage.

Getting rough when repotting
Never pull a plant out of the container by the foliage or stems. Many plants, especially non-woody herbaceous plants, are very vulnerable at their stem levels when you pull and tug on the stems of your plants; you’re creating injuries that provide a portal for fungi, insects and other pests to enter.

Rather, tap on the bottom of the plant. If slightly root bound, squeeze the pot to loosen the root ball. If its really root- bounded, get out your box cutter, and carefully slice the container away from the plant.

Wrong location-Evaluate your plant’s environment
Your potted houseplant may not be thriving for reasons other than the occasional forgetful spell …read more

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